Motto Lyrics

Artist: K1ng Lyr1cure / Release:2017-04-07 / Album: AstraBoy 2: The Shooting Star

Verse 1

Smoke a ciggie like nothing is missing

Smoke some weed bitch i feel lit lit

This shit is healing

Like a genius

Ima genius and i mean it

Look around me and all i see is bitches

Shit is getting repeated

Get on my level im king bitch

Im trying to settle on top of billions

This shit is eazy wait till i get it

Go through what resist me

Not the type to get threatened

Im the type to get credit

Im the one who gone save this

Hip hop cuz this shit is in my membrane

We know no one can try test with

This flow its the type to cuz tragic


It only takes practice

Positive energy becomes an assisan

Optimistic mindset brings changes

I dont have to optimize my lyrics for you you to idolize

When it comes to money i dont socialise

When i pull up in my beamer you gon drop your eyes x2

Chorus 1

Now they want a photo

Yall ready know tho

You only live once

Thats the motto

Nigga yolo

Im bout it erryday

Erryday erryday

Like im sitting on the bench

Nigga i dont really play

Erryday erry day

Fuck what anybody says

Can't see em cuz the money in the way

Reall nigga whats up

Verse 2

She told me to focus

So im being cautious

I know i got options

I wana move forward

I know im the only

Nigga flying like jordan

I know i feel holy

Plus money ain't nothing

But money is something

When you use it for the right thing

When you use it for the right things

I flyed kicked life to get a hold of it

Wana buy my mumma a house

Plus a range rover

Sleepless nights gave me hang overs

Practice my craft like master my craft

Elevate the crowd its a master act

Get this money like selling apple imacs

Possibilities going through my mind set

When when im on the radio be silent

I got a rap license

Never been spineless

Always be shining  like mining

When this shit drops they gon like it

When the beat drops i go violent

I dont support violence

Why i stay the highest x2

Churus ^

Tags: rap